Friday, June 10, 2011

my mom says i'm bitter, but i just think it's funny.

marlee had this dream and it made me laugh so hard.
she said,
"we were at this fireside together.
the guy speaking asked, 'everyone engaged or married please stand up.'
a large group of people stood up.
then he said, 'and everyone going on missions stand up too.'
i stood up with the majority of the rest of the people.
then ashley, you stood up and said,
'everyone who doesn't qualify for these please follow me to outer-darkness!'
and then you walked out of the room..."

apparently i was a little bitter.
or my sarcasm was undetecable.
but it's okay, because i bet outer darkness was more fun anyways.


Stacy said...

No worries Ash..."I'll follow you into the dark"

kylee said...

funniest dream ever! don't worry, we can party in outer darkness together.