Friday, June 10, 2011

all grown up.

brother graduated for good ole' jordan high this week.
[i know, crazy right?]
i might have been half an hour late due to dad's "almost right" directions and no parking,
but i saw the important parts.
plus we talked through the rest anyways. 
are we awful?  ...a little.

i am so proud of you bud!
you now get to move forward and do great things with your life!
and i get to hear about all of them because we get to be best friends family forever.

[he wore the shirt i made him and it made my day.]

we ate at cowboy grub after and this large yak thing had to be part of the special day.

way to go add the grad!
[i'm so clever sometimes...]


jilly said...

Can you just do the family scrapbook for me?! There are so many of your blog posts I want to use!

Haylee said...

I cannot believe you made that shirt! Amazing, it completely looks store bought.