Friday, June 10, 2011

wyoming and a chat with my cousin.

in my earlier years my dad showed me this video once.
and for some reason i got such a kick out of it.
meaning, for years i'd sing "oh YES wyoming! there's no place i'd rather be roaming!"
i finally gave it up because no one ever knew what i was talking about.
and since it was pretty lame i didn't want to explain it all.

until today.
me and cousin nick were eating lunch and discussing camping options.
he said, "we could go to wyoming."
i said, "yeah!  like jackson hole! i've never been there..."
then he says, "oh YES wyoming!  there's no place i'd rather be roaming!"
and then i looked at him and said, "no way!  you know that?"
"yeah, you showed it to me years ago!"
thank you nick for remembering the important things in my life... ha
but for reals, it totally made my day because i had completely forgotten about it.

and now i'll share with you all.


Stacy said...

remember when we looked up all the state's songs? is this Wyomings?

Hermana Collins said...

and now my brother lives there