Monday, June 13, 2011


fear not.  be of good cheer.
the future is as bright as your faith.
-president monson

san diego soon.
my converse are in tennessee.
[please make it before i leave...]
and i have a new ruffle swimsuit to wear at the beach.

cousin nick stated,
"those ruffles are hazardous to your health. i mean, what if they get stuck on something? or a crab latches on?"
to him i say, hogwash.

facs conference this week.
when teachers come together and craft and learn about teaching for two solid days.
awesome would be an understatement.

hey mom, remember the avacados?
accidentally left them in the car for a whole day.
=brown and nasty.
told you i should've left them with you.

new journal.
best day ever.

lenny passed emissions. relief.

sewing project pictures up the wazoo.
coming soon.
[once i get them back from being graded.]

summer in approximately, 1 more project and 1 final.
boo yah.


kylee said...

the exact quote of the day that i needed to hear. thankyou. swimsuits with ruffles are always adorable. good luck with your final project & exam!

Amy said...

and I'm gonna come live with you in 5 days! Well, 2 weeks since you're going on vacation... but yeah!! :D