Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the post we always knew would happen one day but just didn't really think it would actually happen like this.

you know bff kayla?  [sometimes referred to as kp.]
well, you see, we've been best friends since 7th grade.
we had lockers next to each other and she asked me if i could open hers.
you could say it was best friends at first sight?
we've basically been inseparable since then.
multiple family vacations.
sleepovers all the time.
laughing like it was our day job.
sluffing classes for lunch at costa vida.
still having lunch at costa vida.
we've always talked about boys.
one time we even said our honeymoon would spell "j.a.k.e."
she wanted a double honeymoon and those were the initials of the boys we liked.
i still have a note from her in my wallet that says "we're more than doubles partners."
[we were tennis doubles partners in high school.
and we liked to make it very clear that not only were we doubles partners, but also best friends.]
i'm surprised we never got in more trouble than we did.
we had some pretty crazy funny insane times.
this post could be a novel. for reals.
i might acutally one day make our story into a movie kayla.
except we might be the only ones who find it funny.
the point is...
today kayla got engaged to rapper boy.
[he made his big debut as the title of this post.]
and i was there to witness the whole thing.
it worked out perfectly and she was so so happy.
you see, they met because him and his friends were rapping at the gateway.
so he proposed rapping at the gateway.
[he's good.  honestly. hence the name, rapper boy.]
he told me on monday and i had to keep this secret for two whole days.
do you know how hard it is to not tell your best friend they are getting engaged for two whole days?
i avoided all communication for the 48 hours.
you see, me and kp talked about this moment since we were barely teenagers.
i can remember multiple times laying under the stars on her trampoline discussing
"what will your wedding be like?"
"do you think you know the boy you're going to marry?"
"who do you think i'm going to marry?"
i can't tell you how many times we looked at wedding rings and dresses online after school.
or how many hours we dreamed about what it would actually be like when we were old enough for that.
well, that day has come.
i held up pretty well until the best friends hug moment.
and then i looked at her, and her ring, and the huge smile on her face.
and then all these memories came flooding back.
and then next thing i know i was bawling.
we laughed and hugged.
and laughed and hugged some more.
then she said, "don't worry ashley, we'll still be best friends forever."
and i don't have a doubt in my mind about that one.
she then said, "and could you blog this for me so i don't have to?"
[she used to say that about cleaning her room too.]
....only because you are my bff.

i couldn't be happier for kp and rapper boy.
[and just for the record, his real name is steve. steve shields.]

oh, and kayla? 
can i still sing "i love you forever, i love you forever..." at your wedding?


Spencer said...

As her best friend its your job to remind her of this:

kylee said...

oh my happppy day! we discussed this but i surely didn't think it was happening so soon! congrats to kayla! tell her i say congats will you? love love.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

awa, sweet- congrats to them.