Friday, April 29, 2011

a love list.

my mom gave me a book to borrow.
it's called "a heart like His" by virgina pearce.
[way good.]
one chapter talks all about the love God has for us.
she then says,
"take time, right now, to think of the ways you have experienced His love throughout the past week.  allow yourself to be filled with gratitude for these very specific and personal manifestations
of His love for you."
i decided i was going to make a list.
a list of all the specific little things that happened this week that helped me feel loved. 
it grew longer and longer, until i ran right out of space.
it's an amazing thing to try to realize just how much love God has for each of us.
you should try it.

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Rochelle said...

I seriously LOVE this book. Our Young Women's did an "Open Heart" experiment. . . . AH-MAZING! Loved it!