Friday, December 24, 2010

"okay, so rapper boy..."

you want to know why i love bff kayla so much?
well, there are thousands, probably millions, of reasons.
but here are a few examples.
when we see each other we talk and talk.
we catch up with the fine details,
we ask a hundred questions so it takes half hour to get through a story,
and we laugh about things probably only we would find funny.
we go to walmart 70% of the time we're together.
kayla always caves and buys flaming hot cheetos.
one of us always buys something for both of us.
tonight she bought me chapstick.
we make fools of ourselves, but don't really mind.
we basically fit into each other's families.
tonight her dad taught me about ocean current patterns.
it was super cool.
we laugh about dumb things we used to do.
we talk about serious stuff like missions and boys and the future.
we sat on her couch and thought about how 9 years ago we sat in the same place but discussed how we could save our change to buy a phone to trade off every other week.
we still make big plans.
and small plans like sleepovers and other adventures next week.
then, at the end of the night when i'm home i get a text that says this,
"thanks for coming down! you are my favorite person in the world"
best friends are the best.
and i love kp.

exhibit a.
[we walked past these jumping babies at least 10 times because we were laughing so hard.]

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kelli christine case said...

ahahahha ok i just love best friends. this post sounds a lot like me and my best friend. as old as we get it just keeps getting better. missions and marriage and everything in between honestly just makes the true friendships even stronger. and that video is freaking hilarious!