Wednesday, March 30, 2011

making lemonade.

top ten reasons i'm happy:
1-  marlee made my bed this morning.
2-  general conference this weekend,
which also means a weekend at home.
3-  "enchated" by taylor swift.
4-  long letter from kelsy and cry worthy email from hilary.
5-  almost deciding wanting to move to africa today.
6-  it's almost warm enough to play at the amazing park.
7-  enjoying my classes every day. still.
8-  ice cream cones from mcdonalds.
9-  my cousin walks me to my car every time i leave.
10-  i bought my first yellow shirt in years.


Diana Smith said...

Oh my gosh you almost moved to Africa?? you need to give more details!!!

Livy Love

smashley said...

okay. so i didn't really almost move, i just wanted to really bad. haha sorry for the confusion.

Kimberlee said...

Yeah for general conference. Hip Hooray for yellow shirts. And huzzah for good friends.

juli camarella said...

I love EACH one of these things mainly because they me happy just as much! Yay for sunshine!!!