Thursday, March 31, 2011

lighting the path.

here it goes.
for a while i was struggling.  a lot of "why this?" and "are you sure?"'s.
i was so wrapped up in the plan i had set for myself.
it was a year ago this weekend that i got my answer that i wouldn't be serving a mission right now.
some people might see that as a blessing but i didn't.
my friends started getting their calls and i pretended to be happy,
and i was happy for them, but not happy for myself.
for ten whole months. until that i night i talked to kayla.
it was as if the clouds lifted and i could see the sun rise.
the path was still a little hazy but there was a brightness up ahead.
i was lifted from my sadness to a new height of happiness.
constantly feeling like smiles and sunlight. 
and then a reality check.
life is hard.  for everyone.
i heard of sicknesses and depression.
i had questions and concerns.
an overwhelming realization that we can't do it alone.
and then a blessing to remind me that i'm never alone,
as long as i put my faith and trust in my Savior, Jesus Christ. 
but it depends on us.  we have to seek Him.
a reminder that i have so much to be happy for. that i have a bright future ahead.
and the path will be hard but i have many people around to help out.
i call them my angels.

i am loved. and so are you.
and the gospel of Jesus Christ is truly a plan of happiness.

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