Tuesday, March 29, 2011

is it bad that i dream about blogging?

last night i had a dream i hung out with stephanie nielson for a day.
she showed me lots of pictures and home videos.
she took me around her darling house.
[not that i've ever seen it, but it was darling in my dream.]

then i had written some blog post and i was excited because i had 25 comments.
i clicked the link and then realized my mom had made all the ladies in her "quilt guild" comment.

yeah. i dream about the blog world.
it's cool.


Spencer said...

I dream about being in the game of Call of Duty sometimes... Is that worse?

kylee said...

don't worry i've totally had blogger dreams too. i had one where i met a girl i blog stalk in a hospital and we were instant best friends. it was so strange yet so awesome.

Tom and Sarah's Happily Ever After said...

Hahaha Ashley... So funny!! And true... Those loving dreams slip in sometimes for me too! Sometimes in the middle of an intense dream, I will reach for my pen (in my dream) so I can write down what's happening!!
I miss you, woman!!