Thursday, March 31, 2011


i walked outside in sandals and a t-shirt today.
it smells like summer.
probably because they are fertilizing the lawn.
and one summer i worked a flower nursery where we sold a lot of fertilizer.
the sun. is. shining. bright.
i'm excited for summer nights at the park.
and going swimming.
and playing lots of tennis.
and getting a tan.
and hiking.
and a road trip with the brother and cousins.
and this year i'm going to bear lake.
and getting a raspberry shake.
and i'll watch the 24th of july parade with my family.
and craft projects and tie dying in the front yard are a must.
and slip'n'slides once a week.
and sleeping on kp's trampoline.
and driving with the windows down blasting tunes.
and wearing shorts and skirts.
and did i mention my family is going to san diego?  mmm.
and boating, and otter pops, and fires in the backyard.
man, i love me some summer.


Diana Smith said...

I know today was SO nice!! I loved how warm it was, hope it stay like this!

Livy Love

Kim said...