Friday, February 4, 2011

what a week.

i apologize for my lack of blogging.
days are so long.
good, often great, but still very long.
this has been the best semester of my life.
and i think it's just going to get better.
the temperatures went from decent to frozen.
it hurt walking in it.
me and marlee played taxi driver a few times.
my teachers were super nice, and my late assignments weren't late.
we almost lost to wyoming in basketball.
it was embarrassing.
nick and his roommates played each in intramurals.
half are on one team, the other half on the other.
let's just say there were a few technicals. 
but "team work" only lost to "re-swagger" by 3.
me and marlee made sweet shirts.
they said, "re-work?"
we thought we were funny.
chances of going to california are pretty high.
i ate more pizza than is acceptable.
i wished i was running a race to say it was for carbo-loading purposes.
i signed a housing contract.
my heaping mound of laundry finally got done.
the machine ate a dollars worth of quarters.
and my clothes were still damp when finished.
but alas, the heaping mound is gone.
swimsuit class is on my schedule for spring.
[so happy.]
a friday night full of studying and cleaning.
we are too logical sometimes.
jimmmmmmer. fredette.
[i love basketball. and when addison and edward come down.]
we went to the national ski championship.
due to our lateness we saw no skiing.
but they had fireworks.

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