Wednesday, February 2, 2011

you've struck a nerve this time.

the way people view education sometimes makes me absolutely livid.
canyons school district has made some decisions that i don't always agree with,
but this time they have taken it too far.
the superintendent is proposing that they get rid of all the sewing, cooking and wood working labs in the new high school and middle schools they are building. 
oh, to save some money and square footage.
and he said these classes are "detrimental" to students.
detrimental. honestly?
i'm so upset - like beyond mad.
some people just don't understand all the good that acutally comes from those classes.
people learn basic life skills like how to cook a meal for themselves.
important, right?
you would think.
i could go on for hours about how dumb it is they are actually considering this.
if you want more, ask me, i'll let you know how i feel.
and if you get the chance go to the meeting tonight at 7:30 in sandy.
let them know that they would be making a very, very costly mistake.
it might save some money but it would cost students in the long run.

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Becca and Bryan said...

that is ridiculous!!! we never had a sewing class, wood working class, or anything like that in school. And I wish that they did because then I could actually sew...and cook better meals. i can't believe they say its detriment to students? REALLY?? this makes me SO mad too!! UGH. these are LIFE SKILLS! things you will actually use. please, superintendent, tell me the last time you have used geometry, or algebra, or biology, in your life? oh yeah, you haven't. cut out those classes haha