Monday, February 14, 2011

a valentines conversation.

me:  plan on date night dinner with this girl after class.
Marlee:  yessssssss

me:  also- i feel like if i fail my test tonight i can say 
"there's nothing that says failure more than failing a marriage prep test on valentine's day." haha
Marlee:  hahahahahahahha 
me:  but seriously
Marlee:  welll if you do, maybe you're just bad at preparing for marriage. 
but you could be rreeeall good at marriage 
me:  hahahahaha
me:  oh man. crazy story.
this morning i woke up and the fake flowers that are on my headboard were out of the vase in a pile on my desk.  WHAT THE???
Marlee:  hahah did dee dee get up before you?
me:  yeah. but i def pulled them out while i was sleeping.
who does that?  and what was i dreaming about???
Marlee:  hahahah giving them to_____.
me:  ha. i just laughed out loud.
...that or our wedding. jk
Marlee:  hahahah
me:  who even knows.  i like bust up when i saw them.  
mostly because it was on valentines day.
Marlee:  I saw them and I was wondering what you were doing with them
me:  ........ NO IDEA.

yeah, we're celebrating big time. 
hope you are too.
spread the love.

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Janelle Webb said...

Ash, I just read this. I love you. You're so funny you make me laugh even through blogging. Let's play now.