Saturday, February 12, 2011

schmorgusborgh. [you tell me how to spell it...]

yesterday i got jamba juice.
just because i thought i deserved one.
peanut butter mood is always oh so tasty.
i totally rocked my test.
[i hope.]
jimmer mania has gotten out of control and i love it.
he is everywhere.
and when i got home i had an "almost" experience.
when i get nervous i shake.
me and deeds went to mcdonald's.
i also always love root beer.
[but barq's is not the best.]
got my homework done.
and then i got to see my boy gordon play.
you know? the jazz player who is my facebook friend.
[thanks jeff for the ticket!]
also, i'll have you all know...
do you remember this story?
yeah, the one where i had ranch all over.
me and boy talk these days when we see each other on campus.

today includes my cousins battling it out against each other in intramurals.
u of u getting jimmered. live.
the parents are coming and they went to the u.
i get to hang out with chase marriott who recently got home.
[but i have to say bye to the lecheminant's. so sad.]
and i'm going to california to play with bff kelsy next week.

you could say life is pretty good.
happy weekend to you all.

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