Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the goods.

the things that have made me happiest as of late.
[even at this late hour, which i'll probably regret in the morning.]

 when you walk out of the testing center you walk down these stairs.
at the bottom people puts notes on the window sill.
i was surpised to see one with my name on it.
a sweet little gift from my visiting teachers.

 we ordered pizza in my four hour class.
it was our last day.
[good bye beautiful boy i stare at sometimes.]

 cousin nick said he had a surprise to bring over.
it was the new "air jimmer" shirt that i've been eyeing.
a late birthday present.
i have the coolest cousins. ever.

 not one,
not two,
but all three.
three letters from kelsy in one day.
plus a story she wrote that was just what i needed.
i love ultimate pen pal month.

and if you weren't aware i LOVE these cookies.
i ask for two when i fly delta.
roommate ciera saved some just for me after her NY trip.

people have been so good to me.
this is only the picture evidence.
they all make me happier than ever.


Gretchen said...

FYI, you can buy the biscoff cookies at Pirate O's. I know, because they're my favorite, too. :)

Amy said...

Dang girl, you scored!!

Jamie Walker said...

My husband would love that shirt!

Jill said...

you should get the phone# of "beautiful boy"....then you could talk to him and maybe see him to stare some more...haha

Kimberlee said...

I'm not sure if I'm more jealous of the three letters in one day or the biscoff cookies. Either way, I'm experiencing some jealousy.