Friday, October 22, 2010

carrots and crushes.

sometimes at work we have special conferences for important people.
i love working these because there is always extra free food.
today was jamba juice, cookies, and vegetables with ranch.
i stocked up and headed off to my assigned room.
[i was in charge of taking notes.]
it was a little difficult balancing the notepad, extra pens, the jamba juice, and my plate to food.
but i was managing pretty well.
i got off the elevator and headed down the hall.
next thing i know the plate was falling.
oh, and did i mention ranch covered the front of my black skirt.
[it was kind of a cool looking pattern though.]
anyways, so there are carrots and celery and extra pens covering the floor.
a nice young man attempted to help me clean up.
i just laughed as he handed me a carrot and said, "sorry about that."
i told him it wasn't a big deal, it happened a lot.
i decided the best thing to do was to go set my stuff in the room and then go clean myself up.
after all, i was taking notes for professionals.
so, i was setting my things down on a bench [the room was locked] and i heard someone down the hallway.
i look up, and guess who it was?
one of my biggest high school crushes.
we even went to a dance once.
and i hadn't seen him since he has been home from his mission.
i clearly was not in a capable state of talking to him.
...i had ranch all over me.
so, i did the best thing i could.
i quickly turned back down the hall the opposite way and kept my speed up until i was in the bathroom.


kylee said...

oh my goodness. i seriously wanted this story to end with a magical fairy coming to clean your shirt for you so you could talk to your long lost crush. please let you run into him again sooon.

Haley said...

OH my Ashley i love your blog so much! BUT i am sorry to hear that you ran away.. dont worry i would have done the exact same thing. You got me all curious.. i wanna know who and what will happen next! hopefully you see him soon :)

Becca and Bryan said...

oh my gosh! that would happen!!! I hope you run into him again too!!! but ps. who was the kid that helped you clean up?? he might be a keeper!? maybe?

Hilly said...

i love your life so much.

jilly said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! you make me laugh! i laughed reading it and you already told me the story. maybe you should look up the "knight in shining armor" that helped you clean up like becca said. keep writing! ;0)

Amy said...

No worries, sounds like something I would do too! And isn't it so much fun to laugh about it later?