Wednesday, February 16, 2011

rafting through life.

i turn on my country music and it's like i'm a day dreaming teenager again.
who would have thought life would turn out like this?
it's nothing like i pictured,
and i don't always like when it's different than expected.
isn't it funny how we think we know what's best for us?
right now, right this second.
but we have no clue.
in kelsy's letter she wrote an analogy about a raft trip.
it was long and wonderful.
to sum it up she said that we are like rafters.
we get on the boat so excited, ready for an adventure.
but along the way we get sun burnt,
or stuck spinning around and around in an eddy,
or maybe we hit a sand bar.
this may come because we were distracted,
or maybe we just didn't know where to go,
or maybe it seemed fun at the time.
and there are hard times on that river trip.
but at the end of the day, we lay down,
we think about the good times,
and wake up ready to do it again tomorrow.

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