Monday, January 3, 2011

the honest truth.

i cry every time i drive away from my house after a break.
it's not necessarily because i'm sad.
i mean, i'm seeing them later this week.
the reason is because i realize my family is just amazing.
spending time with them is the funnest, easiest thing to do in the world.
and they put up with me, even when i'm in the worst of moods.
[and sometimes even plain out mean.]
we laugh harder than most people i know.
i secretly love when my dad laughs at my sarcastic comments.
my mom makes me feel so important and asks for my opinions.
and my brother, man, he's the best kid in the world.

today, i had intentions of getting up early with everyone, saying my goodbyes.
i'm queen sleeper of the family.
dad left first.
he woke me up, hugged me in bed, and gave me a prickly mustache kiss on the cheek.
add was next.
another hug in bed as he hurried off to school.
mom was last.
a hug, asking if i was actually getting up, and saying, "i love you."
i might have slept through my good intentions,
but each of them waking me up meant more than anything.

i simply adore my family.

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