Tuesday, January 4, 2011

adventures of the week.

me and marlee had an "inventory/funnel cake party."
it consisted of us going through our bounteous supplies of canned goods.
i'll bet we have enough to last all semester.
we made a menu for the week and bought a few necessities.
rocking that goal so far.
after being locked out
[thanks to cousin nick for providing his place],
i enjoyed my first funnel cake.
until it moved the carnival to my belly.
[tmi?  ...sorry.]
first day of classes was a success.
there's a look-alike of a particular someone in my four hour class.
that means four hours of trying not to stare.
and day dream.
and stare some more.
but don't worry, the class is helping each other out.
potluck every week, baby.
two classes down and no tests this semester at all so far.
that's what i'm talking about!
[i fail all midterms.  the honest truth.]
i still adore my major.
my job is the best.
and i've set a goal to actually do my hair sometimes.
...i'll let you know how that one goes.
i've bumped into some of the returned missionaries.
it's always awkward to know if they actually remember you.
working with cousin matt is a blast.
i ran into libby by fate.
and i had a nice chat with nana j. today.
debbie siebers is back in my life.
[i love aerobic videos.]
the cougs pulling off another W.
love hanging out with the boys.

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