Wednesday, January 26, 2011

for my birthday.

my parents called and woke up me.
i got dressed up.
we painted in class.
i stood in an awful line mob for basketball tickets.
seriously awful. [post coming soon.]
my brother went around jordan high having everyone say happy birthday on the phone.
the office brought me orange rolls. so good.
and they sang to me.
a text saying we finally got our disposal fixed.
then four hours of class.
but at least i got to work with "look-alike."
some friends picked me up after to take me home.
friends already at my apartment to party.
quick dinner and decorations.
then, a mustache bash.
it was wonderful.
awesome friends, great pie, and some fancy staches.
i got some cool presents.
including big blue 2.
and a fossil watch from my family.
[my brother picked it out, it's adorable.]
and then facebook loving made me happier than ever.
[i especially miss my efy kids.]
it's official people, i'm legal.
thanks to everyone who made my day great.

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kylee said...

birthdays are the absolute best. looooove them. hope you had a fabulous one!