Sunday, January 23, 2011

because i haven't blogged all week...

i guess i've been busy.
days i get home at 5 are considered early.
i spend lots of time in class.
but i like it.
except sometimes it puts me in a bad mood.
our toilet seat fell completely off.
it was quite funny.
especially when people forgot.
the roommates and i had some fun.
dee dee made us "jerk" in the living room.
[i'm so white.]
then we decided we should take a trip to north dakota.
because have you ever heard of someone who's even been to north dakota?
us either.
sloppy joes were a success.
feeding the boys is part of the deal.
they camp out, and i get a spot saved for the game.
which game you ask?
byu v. sdsu this week.
[it's kind of a BIG DEAL.]
sometimes my bff's cry a lot.
but we like it.
it makes story time that much better.
me and kp shared a root beer.
we both accidentally burped.
then we laughed.
and then we burped while we laughed.
it got out of control.
my parents bought two things this week.
a new vacuum and a new car.
i was sent a picture of the new vacuum.
i was a princess for a birthday party.
i pretty much always considered myself a princess.
when i was young i thought my parents just forgot to tell me.
[yeah. like "princess diaries."]
family birthday dinner is my favorite.
i think my family rocks.
so does lasagna and breadsticks and pie.
ex-roommate libby is engaged.
so so happy for her.
sundays are simply refreshing.
feeling the spirit is amazing.
and nap time is always much needed.
make it a great week everyone.
remember this,
"the privilege to work is a gift,
the power to work is a blessing,
the love of work is success."
-president david o. mckay


Lisa said...

Your post is so sweet! I remember my Sundays at BYU- so refreshing and peaceful. My day today was less so. Did I send you a blog invite? I should go check. Anyway, have a good week.

kelsy lynne. said...

this week rocked.
we rock.
you rock.