Thursday, January 27, 2011

the best game of my life.

the byu (ranked 9) v. sdsu (ranked 4) saga.

it all started when we attempted to camp out sunday night.
the tent was sent up, mattress brought from our apartment, as well as everyone blanket we own.
guess what?
the police came.
and sent us all home.
"you can't be in line until tuesday at noon."
all the emails about wristbands and procedures and blah, blah, blah.
back on tuesday to an awful line mob.
seriously awful.
it was snowing, and cold, and i was a sardine.
for an hour and a half.
and did i mention i'm super claustrophobic?
after an hour i almost just left because i almost couldn't handle it.
but i just love basketball too much.
insane, right?
i kept waiting.
i got pushed and shoved.
my group got further and further away.
so, i just started pushing back.
near death experience?
i finally left with a bright green wristband.
number 506701.
not too shabby...
back on wednesday to wait in line.
four hours before the game.
"find your number on the sign and stand there."
no thanks, i'm standing by my friends.
the ones i got pushed away from in the mob.
two hours of:
dancing, hot chocolate, ten minutes of studying.
pizza, frozen toes, the news crew.
finally the doors are opened.
i went to my number section making my friends promise to save me a spot.
[even though it wasn't allowed.]
then they just let everyone through.
the mad rush.
but we all got in. all got seats by each other. tenth row.
another two hours of waiting.
with a special performance by jimmer's rapper brother.
and finally, the moment we all were waiting for.
i wish i could even begin to describe this game.
so intense.
the marriott center has NEVER been so loud.
all the students were going crazy, jumping everywhere-
and then jimmer made three shots in a row and the whole place was on their feet.
half time, down by one.
still got the faith to come back.
then it just got better, and better, and better.
jimmer fredette was our main man making everything.
the rest of the team had awesome defense.
stop after stop, then we [jimmer] were making shots left and right.
our lead kept getting bigger.
final 71-58. jimmer with 43 points.
the undefeated sdsu team was defeated. by us.
we rushed the court.
[another terrifying mob.]
and celebrated and cheered and screamed and clapped.
it was AMAZING.
me and marlee watched sports center when we got home.
march madness was discussed.
they mentioned maybe getting a 2 or 3 seed.
[that's a big deal.]
we both danced and hugged and freaked out a little more.
all the while our roommates looked at us with confused stares.
i was all smiles all night.
definitely the best game of my life.
it made all the waiting, and cold, and skipping class worth it.
it was, in fact, the biggest game in the marriott center ever.
and i was there.

man, i love cougar basketball.

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anna said...

SUCH a fun game!!!
glad you got great seats, especially after standing in line on your birthday! happy late birthday, by the way :)