Friday, December 31, 2010

a year to remember.

i can honestly say this year, out of all the years of my whole life, has changed me the most.
i've had good times, hard times, fun times, and awful times.
i've grown up more than i ever imagined possible.
and sometimes i even did the impossible.
i thank my Heavenly Father for giving me the experiences i needed this year.
i know He provided all of them, and helped with everything.

this year...
i left my teen years behind.
my ladies in b194 became stunt masters.
i was a friend to someone who really needed one.
hilary and i took a one day road trip adventure.
efy changed my life.
kelsy became my pen pal.
"the dating flood gates opened."
i ran a half marathon.
hilary went on a mission and we write weekly.
my family visited the greater northwest, and st. george, and florida.
i wore my mt. saint helens costume, in front of mt. saint helens.
me and the high school besties had floor seats at the backstreet boys concert.
i got to talk to jason reeves.
the scriptures became really important.
i donated blood.
accutane was a success.
my love for sewing grew even more.
i even made a bridesmaid dress.
my family made a stanky legg music video.
i lived in 3 different aparments, plus 4 more at efy, and i moved home for a while.
i was really brave.
answers came in all different shapes and forms.
we almost had a pet duck.
marlee gave me "bieber fever".
i got my first speeding ticket.
my family watched march madness live.
an nba player accepted my friend request and told me i'm cute.
i said bye to the last [boy] missionaries and welcomed some home.
cousin nick became one of my best friends.
i grew to love my new roommates.
i cooked a whole meal without burning something.
family time meant the most.
my perspective changed. a lot.
i think me in general changed a lot.

i appreciate the change.
i know i'll look back at this year and know it was the year my life changed.
in good ways.
it wasn't always easy or fun, but it always ended good.
here's to an even better 2011.


kylee said...

truly loved everything about this post and about your year. i am beyond jeaous you donated blood. i have always wanted to. blast those places for not lettig me. first speeding ticket!? worst feeling ever.

Becca and Bryan said...

was that nba play your "nug" (ps what does that mean) hahaha and that is awesome!