Tuesday, November 2, 2010


i just signed up for national blog posting month.
it's because i saw it on phil's sister's [gretchen] blog.
i figured i love blogging and potentially winning prizes.
all i have to do is blog every day for the next month.
it's like "no shave november" for blogging.
[in terms of growing longer every day.]
hope i'm clever enough to come up with posts for the next month.
if you get bored i won't blame you for not blog stalking a few days.
and, as always, i love all your comments.
thanks for supporting my blogging attempts.

[you guys should sign up too if you blogged yesterday.
if not, there's always next month.]

1 comment:

Hilly said...

i said the title for this blog about 5 times outloud before i finally got it. i shouldnt do it...