Wednesday, November 3, 2010


hilarious:  when i asked my dad how voting went and he said he voted 'yes' for every other judge, unless their last name started with a vowel, then there could be two 'no's' in a row.
[he was kidding.]
discouraged:  the way i felt after finding out i really didn't do that well on my sewing test.
almost embarrassing:  when i almost cried after seeing someone on campus that i really don't know.
reminded:  after bumping into tara yesterday on campus and she told me about my most epic prom experience that i had forgotten about. [a story for another day...]
alarm:  that thing i sleep through every morning.
nervous:  involves thinking about a half marathon and the question.
happy:  what i try to keep my attitude at 97.6% of the time.
donut:  the thing i'm craving.


Amy said...

fabulous: your blog.

I love it! I think we need to become better friends because I liiiike you. ok that sounds creepy. But say it in a non-creepy way! :)

kylee said...

yep. loved this post.

Libby said...

Oh miss Ashley, I love you. I also love the fact that you're craving a donut. You're the best.