Monday, November 1, 2010

new found love. mondays.

today i overheard someone on campus say, "have a good monday. if that's even possible..."
and i wondered, why do we have to hate mondays?
so i decided to stop being a monday hater.
we'll see how it turns out.
today's was great.
i got to plan the christmas luncheon for work.
i told my halloween weekend story a billion times, i swear.
[keeping stories to myself has never been my thing.]
cousin nick just laughed at me.
i bought a plain canvas just because i want to paint something.
and i got it from joann's.
[i could never work there because i would NEVER have a pay check.]
i ate wendy's for dinner.
they had dum-dum suckers at fhe and it reminded me of the time the dum-dum factory burned down and i heard about it from grandma and grandpa.
then when i got home i had my "holiday $5 letter" from my grandparents.
[they send one to the grandkids every holiday.]
i went to the library just to talk to friends.
i sat in my car in a parking lot and talked for an hour with an old friend from high school, myrinda.
i also bought harry potter tickets.
[it made me miss my friends more than anything.]
and i listened to my favorite song, number 5, twice.
plus the whole efy cd.
and kp told me she ate a whole thing of rolos in under a minute.
[do you know anyone who can do that?]

so-what are you going to do to make mondays better?

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Hilly said...

from now on, im going to eat whatever my belly feels like for breakfast on Mondays. Just because of this post. Today, I had cookies.