Friday, October 8, 2010

i'll smile, all of my days.

last night as i lay in bed i decided to listen to my ipod.
this is one of my favorite sleep time songs.
it's calm, relaxing.
and it reminds me of mark johnson and phillip.
[like the time i was about to say bye to mark for two years and we were talking and playing peggle on the computer...we accidentally listened to the song on repeat for forty minutes straight.]
the good old days.
last night i listened to the words and i was simply amazed.
amazed that i had never realized what it was saying before.
amazed at how much it relates.
i've been "searching, trying to find.
just what's been on my mind."
and now, sometimes i "feel like there's no one standing near.
what am i doing here?"
but i know that i'll "see clearly.
soon i'll smile.
all of my days."

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kylee said...

i LOVE alexi murdoch. and love that you listen to him.