Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"good bye."

it's done.
the last ones of my boys left today.
phillip le cheminant.
i shook his hand.
and his parents hugged me and said,
"you're our favorite."
they want us to get married.
we agreed that we would if his investments go up and he's a millionaire upon his arrival home.
we shook on that too.
and agreed that no matter what our families will still hang out.
[when we both have our own families...]
what a great friend that boy's been.
and i say thanks.
for all the fun, awesome memories.
and all he's done to make me who i am.
...especially how to perfect the "awkward smile."

hey phil-good bye.

above:  last day of school.  back in the high school days.
left:  yeah, we went to prom together.

above:  an accidental picture of me gazing fondly at phil.
right:  me. and. phil. 
[side note: compare to picture number one at how much he's grown.]