Wednesday, October 6, 2010

attitude [noun]: mental outlook.

here's a story.
yesterday was one of those days where i thought,
"school is too hard.  i don't want to do it." 
you know what i'm talking about? 
i missed my classes because of a dermotologist appointment. 
[where, bytheway, my doctor never fails at having someone new to set me up with.  but it's not weird because i'm good friends with him and his family.] 
afterward i stopped by home to visit my mom. 
she texted me saying,
"you need to come see the cute projects my sewing club has done." 
of course i had to stop by, my life studies focus on crafting and sewing. 
the projects were adorable and it kind of overwhelmed me. 
i said to mom, "i just don't want to be in school.  i want to be able to do projects like this and things i like to do."

now please don't get me wrong, i love school. 
if i didn't love school i wouldn't be studying to become a teacher. 
but sometimes i just get so frustrated with the things required of me. 
i like being on top of things, i like getting everything done. 
and when i simply don't have enough time to finish it all it kind of gets me down.

the day proceeded on. 
i had amazing lunch with the above mentioned sewing club. 
it consisted of japanese squash soup with crescent rolls and was delicious.  i talked to my mom for a while which is always fun.
i headed back to school not really wanting to be going back. 
the night wasn't very productive in the sense of school either. 
i went to DI. 
i did tae bo. 
and i talked with my cousin for quite a while. 
it was all good but something needed to change.
my desire to learn and work hard.
and when i went to bed i said, "Heavenly Father, i really need your help."

today i am ready.
ready to learn, ready to do this.
this next week and a half have a lot in store.
[maybe like four tests in three days. yeah, that's crazy.]
but i can do it. 
i can do all things with Heavenly Father's help. 
i can do things i have set my mind to.
we need to ask for help.
we need to stay positive.
and as i learned at FHE on monday,
all experiences, good and bad, help to form the person you are.   
i'm changing my attitude.
are you?


Kara_V said...

I certainly am; Let's get down to business!

jilly said...

me, too! i have learned that i need to change my attitude, also. let's do it!

Amy said...

You are so artistic and inspiring. STOP IT! Just kidding. I love your blog :)