Saturday, October 16, 2010

day six: no fat talk.

this challenge for me was not a difficult one.
as i've mentioned before i've changed my ways about talking about my body.
i've really seen how what you say about your body can impact those around you.
i set my own goal to only say positive comments around others.
it makes me feel good about myself.
and maybe, it can help someone else appreciate themselves as well.
i paid more attention to the things others were saying.
driving down the freeway there are billboards all over the place talking about all the things you can do if you get weight loss surgery. 
i overheard a conversation at a relief society activity and the women were saying, "don't worry-this recipe isn't fattening.  we made it with...and..."
and when i came home my brother jokingly said, "don't eat that - it's fattening." 
then, on t.v. almost every other commercial was about weight loss and dieting and how to have a "slimer you".
our society is obsessed.
no wonder why we have so many problems with this-everywhere we turn people are talking about it, thinking about it, and inevitably worrying about it.
it reaffirmed to me that i don't want to be sucked into that.
i don't need to obsess over fattening food or how it's "going to go straight to my hips."
rather than pointing out the negative why don't we look for the positive?
a quote that's stuck with me is, "change your words so you can change the world."
think about it.

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