Thursday, August 26, 2010


i have these amazing sewing students.
like, i absolutely adore them.
they were headed out to san fran,
so i told them if they saw the fortune cookie shop to pick me up some.
[i love fortune cookies.]
them, being the amazing people they are, brought me some.

fortune one: "Take some needed time to relax in the next few days."
opened it friday night.
funny because saturday was a jam packed day including moving stuff down to provo and planning my lesson.
i knew there would be little relaxation.

fortune two: "Don't underestimate yourself.  Your social skills are needed by others at the time."
opened saturday afternoon.
i chuckled to myself as i thought, 'i'm setting someone up with their future spouse...i know it.'

fortune three:  "You shouldn't overspend at the moment.  Frugality is important."
opened sunday after looking at all the ads and longing for some sweet new school clothes.

fortune four: "An admirer is too shy to greet you."
opened tuesday. after a long day of having the byu cadem guys help us move stuff.  it was probably one of them. [kidding.]

fortune five: "You have a charming way with words.  Write a letter this week."
opened wednesday.  you know, the day i said bye to missionary phil.

fortune six:  "You will make many changes before settling down happily."
opened thursday right as i'm getting ready to pack up and move back down to school.

...can you see why i love fortunes so much? 
i laughed that every single one of these applied to the day.
go to panda express and get some fortunes.

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Lisa said...

My favorite fortune cookie experience-

As a brand new teacher at Eastmont, right before my very first Parent Teacher Conference night, the PTA treated us to chinese food. My fortune cookie said "You will have great success if you pursue a career in medicine." Yep! Sure bolstered my confidence that night!