Wednesday, September 1, 2010

wordy wednesday.

i fell asleep last night reading "mockingjay".
but then woke up to new roomie ciera saying,
"ashley-we have a cupcake for you."
so. i got up, ate my cupcake, and headed to bed.
[super healthy, i know.]
when the alarm went off this morning,
i almost felt good and refreshed.
but then i swallowed.
...i have a lovely cold.
but other new roomie dee dee had some meds.
thank heavens.
classes were lovely.
and cousin matt
[who also has the same job as me.]
said i had a visitor at work today.
a boy.
and i have no idea who it could be.
so if you've seen my mystery work visitor,
please let me know.
work was surprisingly slow for the third day of school.
it made me wish i had the book stated above.
but i printed coupons for grocery shopping.
i've set a goal to cook this semester.
and i'm going to get good.
and i'm going to get better. soon.
i so dislike being under the weather.
but it's a good reminder.
mostly to slow down a little,
that i don't always have to be at top speed.
[although i really wish i could get everything done that i want.]
i need to prioritize.
figure out what's most important.
but day quill has made me feel that i can't reach that level of brain activity right now.
so that'll be put on tomorrow's list of things to do...
you know, that list that never ends.


Kim said...

I finished Mockingjay on Monday. I really can't believe that I LOVE those books. Terrible premise, but I LOVE them. Matt works in the advisement center? or are you talking about another job? Did I mention i LOVE the Hunger Games books? :)

Libby said...

I'm sick too. I feel like death. Shall we sit in together in misery tomorrow?

kylee said...

finished mockingjay today! hope you get to feeling better soon!

smashLey said...

yeah kim! matt is working in the advisement center-it's awesome!
...and i still haven't finished the book. soon guys, soon.
it's killing me!

Hilly said...

oh libby and ashley i wish i could help you bulth feel better. come to my hot tub here in oregon. i dont know if it will help, but it does sure feel good to sit in :-)