Tuesday, August 10, 2010

week 4- the elect.

what a week to finish off efy with.
we had four counselors. 46 kids. and one fantastic week.
60- good teachers are inspired by the Holy Ghost.
61- the scriptures hold ALL the answers.
search for them.
62- i had a heated discussion about basketball during breakfast with my boys.
[don't mention the lakers.]
63- laughing with your co-counselors is the funnest thing ever.
64- as well as playing football.
65- and singing aaron carter. [picture below]
66- i'm becoming a pro at memorization skills.
67- i love pizza night.
68- the experiences i've had allow me to help others.
69- i need the health counselor EVERY week.
70- when it rains, it pours.
71- hall class duty is the best when you have a good book.
72- sleep=heaven.
73- fire drills during classes are no bueno.
74- we have connections everywhere.
75- there is nothing like getting a napkin flower from a 14 year old boy.
76- it's amazing watching the youth realize changes they need to make.
77- i love realizing the changes i need to make.
78- we become a united family in 5 short days.
79- our kids think us co-counselors are getting married and having a combined reception.
80- we sang hymns to block out lady gaga after coming from a spiritual evening.
81- getting my own badge of courage.
82- ultimate counselor clumping. [picture below]
83- seeing lives change.
84- watching boys decide they want to serve missions.
85- watching girls decide they want to dress modestly.
86- getting a solid standing ovation for simply being a counselor.
87- and singing the theme song with all the counselors, arms around my co's, with all our kids holding up "i love you" in sign language.
88- hugs full of love.
89- side hugs of course....
90- having my boys try to kiss me all day.
91- stealing my phone to get my number.
92-  sometimes saturday rocks.
93- never getting sick of the efy cd.
94- my roommate being the same person as me, only older.
95- ridiculous silly bandz braclets.
96- living in helaman again.
97- cannon center.
98- such.cool.people.
99- most incredible summer job.
100- knowing that my kids go home knowing Jesus Christ and have stronger testimonies.

thank you efy for changing my life.
"courage to stand strong"
Joshua 1:9

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