Sunday, August 1, 2010

week 3 - anxiously engaged.

another AMAZING week at efy.
best. job. ever.
sometimes i wonder if i can even call it a job because we play all day.
34- rain=amazing
35- i floss my teeth here?
36- creamery corn dogs rock.
37- fans make muggy rooms more bearable.
38- roommates make life so much funnier.
39- Heavenly Father loves each of His children so much.
40- everything good in life points to Jesus Christ.
41- you can find the Gosple in everything you do.
42- i feel 16 again when i have mini crushes.
43- my dance skills keep improving.
44- i meet INCREDIBLE people.
45- our session direction played for team USA in the paralympics for wheelchair basketball.
so cool.
46- i have greater confidence in myself.
47- i've gotten so far out of my comfort zone.
48- i know why i dress modestly.
49- i learn so much from the Spirit.
50- i get paid to play games.
51- hearing the words, "ashley, you are the best counselor ever" makes me so happy.
52- llama face.
53- i learn to love the studying the scriptures and listening to church music.
54- i learn how to teach and prepare.
55- i learn that obedience is important.
56- if we draw close to the Lord He will guide us in what we should say.
[sometimes we won't even know we said it...]
57- i see miracles everyday.
58- my darling girls heart attacked my door.
59- i simply have so much fun.

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