Wednesday, August 11, 2010

i hate getting in trouble.

here's a little bit about me.
i've always hated getting in trouble.
whenever someone tells me i've made a mistake or done something wrong i start to tear up.
i almost always cry.
and it's not like i mean to, it just happens.
it doesn't matter how small of a deal it is.
i just always cry.
i remember my piano teacher telling me i needed to practice more when i was younger and almost crying at her house.
so today i got pulled over.
it's the first time i've ever been pulled over being the one driving.
at first i'm fine.
i knew i was speeding and just didn't realize how fast i was going.
the officer starts talking to me and was very nice.
he asked if i knew the speed limits and what my speed was.
and then it hit.
the realization that i did something wrong and i was going to be punished for it. 
i was trying so hard to keep it together, and i did pretty good.
but as soon as he walked away i lost it.
the tears just kept coming.
not because i was mad. or angry. or even that upset.
i was embarrassed that i got in trouble.

moral of the story:
don't speed.
and if you don't want me to cry, don't make me feel like i'm in trouble.

as i said yesterday.
we're not so happy when we don't obey.
[that includes traffic rules.]


stacers1316 said...

oh getting pulled over is the worst! I hate getting in trouble cheeks turn red.

Lisa said...

The important question is- did you get a ticket? If crying kept you out of getting a ticket, then it might have been worth it :-)

smashLey said...

i definitely got a ticket...