Friday, August 13, 2010


so remember this amazing girl that i told you about?
yes. the one who has been my roommate for the past two years.
who is my, as akon likes to say, "homie, lover, friend."
well, she's on to new adventures.
mission adventures.
and i couldn't be happier for her.
[although i will really. REALLY. miss her as my roomie.]
i am excited for all her stories, and letters, and to hear about all the lives she helps to change.
she's going to argentina, rosario mission.
...we both knew she'd be speaking spanish.
and she leaves on november 17th.
go get 'em girl!


p.s. last week i honestly said that they only send really cool people to argentina, because everyone i know who's served there is awesome.
she's keeping that tradition alive.

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