Monday, August 30, 2010


first day of school is always an exciting one for me.
but this year it's been a little different.
for some reason i wasn't nervous.
or really excited for that matter.
i didn't buy a ton of school supplies.
and i still haven't gotten all my books.
i kept my same backpack.
and i only got a couple new shirts.
i was able to sleep the night before.
which usually is quite difficult.
and as i sat in class i felt...
well, i don't know what i felt.
i felt like i wanted to participate.
like make comments in class.
[i've always hated doing that.]
and i can do well this semester.
i plan on it.
so-here's to a different.
junior year.
{that's crazy.}
me leaving for school with my wet hair and everything.


Hilly said...

you are the most adorable first day of school go-er. i am sad i missed you.

love for eva and eva

jilly said...

you make me smile! :0)