Sunday, August 15, 2010

roomie lovin.

i love roommate dates.

especially when they include:
hilary. marlee.
[and libby when she's present.]
"despicable me"
{cutest movie ever. i'm owning it.}
singing "sweet dreams" by beyonce.
at the top of our lungs.
packing of sorts.
uncontrollable laughing.
fantastic pictures.
oreos and peanut butter.

man. i love them.


Hilly said...


ash, i seriously love you so much. thank you for being an amazing friend. i love our memories. you are so sweet and supportive. and i always have fun with you. AND thank you for making that one of your favorite movies too. it is quite the best movie ever i dare say.

i love you. that sums it all up.

Hilly said...
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Libby said...

Shoot dog. I'm jealous. I miss you guys.