Monday, July 19, 2010


what a wonderful day it has been.
first of all, i woke up to hilary telling me "you yelled last night.  you kept saying, 'ARE YOU SERIOUS!?' so i asked you what you were dreaming about and you said, 'did you seriously sew that blanket?'"
it's embarrassing that i now sleep yell about sewing.
i think it's withdrawls.
then i got to work all morning with hilary.
we made guesses about where she'll be spending the next 18 months.
and our boss told us funny stories.
plus, i finished the website stuff.
did i mention i'm getting sports passes with the cousins, matt and nick?
boo yah. i'm totally pumped.
i got off early and listened to regina all the way home.
sewing class of calmness.
a beautiful nap on the hammock.
another sewing lesson which involved singing high school musical, a little unpicking, and an almost finished darling skirt.
pot stickers for dinner.
family night with the lecheminants.
that always makes for some good laughs.
roasted marshmallows and the funniest church moments ever.
then the usual nightly game of lightening with the next-door neighbors.
"let me try to dunk it-i've got my dwight's on."
that came from the nine year old.
he was serious.
i failed to mention i got the nickname "the assassin" because of my complete domination.
the nasty giant slugs reproduced.
and to top it off, mom chased down a watermelon bug.
it kept hissing at us.
laugh at the little things.
they make life enjoyable.

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Hilly said...

I think you are adorable and I love you