Sunday, July 18, 2010

week 2 - greater light

reasons i love my job continued:
11- amazing co-counselors.
12- screaming when being dipped while dancing and improving dance skills.
13- being so tired.
14- making new friends.
15- knowing you are a daughter of God and how much He loves you.
16- tucking girls in every night and them yelling back "i love you."
17- talking about church stuff. all. day.
18- i get paid to teach people to dance.
19- i can be as weird as i want and it's normal.
20- sometimes i meet cute and nice boys.
21- i get in a water fight with spencer every week.
22- my kids rock the variety show, banner, and cheer off.
23- hoe down throwdown is almost second nature.
24- rooming with a b.c. is so fun.
25- you realize the important things in life.
26- there is nothing like efy drama.
27- cow's become a new very popular animal.
28- i learn and grow every day.
29- i get cool bruises from frisbees and ping pong paddles.
30- the food isn't good but at least we have "counselor sandwiches"...
[lame joke]
31- i have all my girls working on finding me a husband.
32- i have fun every. single. day.
33- have i mentioned i meet the coolest youth ever?

thanks for an AMAZING week Greater Light!
peace and love.

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kylee said...

it's official. i want to be an efy counselor. you look like you are having so much fun!