Tuesday, July 20, 2010

miss mt. saint helens.

in the third grade i was assigned to do a report on mt. saint helens.
the volcano that is located in washington state.
it inspired me so much that that was my halloween costume of choice.
one sixth grader thought i was a potato and i was really upset.
when my dad informed me of our trip to the northwest he said,
"and we're going to mt. saint helens just for you ashley.
make sure to bring your costume."
so...that i did.

i look just like it, right?
i'm pretty sure everyone there that witnessed this was pretty jealous.
i could tell because they kept staring.
[i was tempted to start singing and dancing to summon the volcano.
but i refrained...]
i absolutely loved every minute of this experience.  
dare of the week: do something outside your comfort zone.
then tell me about it.

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