Monday, May 17, 2010

dear diary,

i just love old journal entries.
and i sure got a kick out of this one...

thursday- july 10, 2008
the good:
-went to the temple!!
-it's almost friday
-myrinda is home.

the bad:
-rocket was put to sleep. =0(
-my friends are mad i didn't go bowling. lame.
-boo boys.

the ugly:
-the zit farm reproducing on my face.


stacers1316 said...

haha i love going through old journals

Kayla said...

HAHA! I'm pretty sure the mad about bowling had to deal with me right? I remember I felt like you hated me for a couple of days and only liked Kelsy.

kelsy lynne. said...

she did only like me.

;) i love you!

Hilly said...

this sounds like an episode from hannah montanna haha