Tuesday, May 18, 2010

new calling.

this week i was called to be the...
relief society pianist.
now i should have seen it coming-
since coming to school i generally assume there is someone better at piano and don't normally volunteer.
indeed you could say i hid my talent under a bushel.
yes folks,
it's time i brush up and share my talents.

here is how day one worked out:
1- no hymn book.
2- walk in on a lecture and american heritage movie trying to find one.
[you would think there would be a plethora here...]
3- genius idea to just pull up hymns on the projector.
4- heavy piano.
5- kind of hard to see.
6- it only lasted 15 minutes...
(including piano moving time.)

here's to finding a hymn book and better practicing tomorrow!

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