Sunday, May 16, 2010

"another perfect day" -hoku

well, after a long week a good day was much needed.
some days were crappy.
some people were jerks.
so hilary and i decided we were making today a great day.

it was just that...
first, she let me sleep in.
after us two plus marlee hit up the mall and tried on ridiculous dresses.
[and ended up buying a few new wardrobe items.]
next stop was joann's for crafting necessities.
and macey's for razors, fruitloops, and red box.
then, left-over food from mom and dad.
two chick flicks.
enough time for me to almost finish two sewing projects.
time for girls night out.
why not use that gift card we won for our winning the ward talent show?
karissa, hilary, stacy and i had our own little celebration.
[more on that at a later date.]
good food, good company.
plus good music.
hilary whipped out the old ipod and i forgot how much i missed those songs.
i practiced for my solo that will be performed at hilary's wedding.
i danced to "party like a rock. party like a rock star."
i sang kelly clarkson at the top of my lungs.
two words: fruit loops.
best prank ever invented.
i may have been ditched on the side of the road in the middle of provo.
way cool guys. {HA}
then it was just us two.
me. hilary.
we had to do it.
dance party at the Y.
it's almost a tradition by now.
there is nothing better than an incredible view, one amazing roommate, and a little chris brown.
then as we headed back "another perfect day" came on.
it was true.
what i realized was that a day probably won't ever be completely perfect.
but we can enjoy the best parts of our day.
we can creat happiness.
and have "perfect days" over and over again. <3

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Hilly said...

better than me every time. yesterday was the PERFECT day. you are the best. seriously.