Thursday, May 13, 2010

one thing i have yet to understand are crappy days.

here's the thing...
it's not like something went terribly wrong.
and surely my life isn't as bad as hannah montana's double life.
i just woke up still tired.
leading to unhappiness.
or more annoyance.
just wanting normal?
all i want is to take a nap.
and dream about beaches.
and lovely things.
and then wake up happy pappy.


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Hilly said...

lets make this saturday (post arfday) the most spectacular ever. Here is what I want to do:
-you sleep in as late as you want, ill go running
-when i come back, let go to the cannon (i have a discount thing there) or mcdonalds. either and or.
-go to some store and try on dresses for fun.
-go to the swings that spin at that one park.
-go to red box and get the cheesiest movie we can find.
-craft for a few hours.
-order food to be delivered to us bc we will be too busy crafting.
-when we are done crafting, get stacy, and buy a box of fruit loops.
-pour the fruit loops on peoples lawns (for this reason:
-drive around and sing songs.
-maybe go back to the Y and have a dance party.
-and think of more pranks to pull.

can tomorrow just be today already? :-/