Tuesday, April 6, 2010


today my theme song is "all at once" by the fray.
today i keep telling myself that i can do it.
today i'm looking forward to being on a road trip in 17 days.
today i am missing people.
today i complained that it's april and still snowing.
today is Jesus Christ's real birthday, for which i am so grateful.
today one of my final projects will be finished.
today we're going to see how big we can get peeps in the microwave.
today i'm officially an efy counselor.
today was "do you remember?" day until kp's phone died.
today i am so happy that we didn't have a repeat food poisoning attack.
today i bought another kite...this one does stunts.
today i am going to finish all my homework.
today i'm going to bed early.
today i keep loving life.

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