Thursday, April 8, 2010

the duck saga.

remember shel-lai?
she was the duck pet we wanted real bad.
[click here.]
okay. well, here's the confession...
our incubator was too hot and,
we cooked it.
i won't show you the graphic pictures.
(they are on facebook)
don't worry, we had a nice service for her.
we thought it was all over right?
i mean, maybe we'd have another duck one day but none for now.
but now the ducks hate us.
all of them.
since hilary picked up that egg they have been tormenting us.
exhibit A:
one day hilary was running near the duck pond and a duck was flying and charged at her.
like seriously, she had to move out of the way so it didn't hit her.
exhibit B:
today walking home from campus a duck started following me. so i sped up a little. but it kept following. i even crossed the street and it hopped off the curb and crossed the street too.  i was talking with my friend and at this point i yelled, "hey i gotta go, this duck is chasing me so i'll talk to you later."  i started jogging when a professor yelled, "don't worry-you can run faster than it can." luckily he was right...
the ducks know who we are.
they know we took the egg.
we're sorry.
we just wanted a pet.


Hilly said...

THIS IS ALL TRUE! I don't know what to do, they are seriously after us. Not funny....

Cool Mom said...