Friday, April 2, 2010

"yeah, and when she told me i had to talk about easter all i could think about was food poisoning..."

okay, okay.
here's the deal.
conference AND easter are this weekend.
that basically rocks.
semi-lame because i can't wear my easter dress to church.
but it's okay because i haven't actually made it yet...
[i've found that i really don't enjoy pattern alterations.]
so uh, i'm thinking that you should probably get pretty pumped for the weekend.
at my house we have conference in high def.
dude, you can like see the sweat coming off their faces.
pretty intense.
and we have pull apart bread sunday morning.
plus, it is incredible to hear the words of our Latter-day Prophets.
listen to them.
not only listen, but do what they say.
it can only make us happier.
and who doesn't want to be happy?

side note:  the great and terrible easter dinner is fast approaching.
if you don't remember we enjoyed food poisoning from last easter dinner.
[click here.]
no worries though because instead of the traditional food, we're having...
hawaiin haystacks.
(let's be honest. i'm still a little nervous.)

wishing you all a fabulous weekend.
peace and love.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

haha, I laughed when I read your title and the recollections of that night in front of the toilet came back...oh man that was nasty...and my two small children taking care of Tyson and I...oh man, good luck! Stay away from the deviled eggs!