Monday, March 9, 2009

goodbye february. hello march.

Well, well, well. Once again i have not updated my blog for well over a month. My apologies. This is pretty much my life right now:
i go to school. i work. i come home and study. i take my tests. i usually bomb them. i get over it. i eat. i party it up with my girls. i sleep. i repeat.

Exciting life, huh? it really has been great though...minus the fact that we are struggling with the housing situation for next year. stressful. We have a month and a half left before summer and knowing that gets me through each day...hahaha. i seriously cannot wait! i just want SUNSHiNE! We have had some nice days lately which has been excellent. As a matter of fact, i laid outside all afternoon yesterday with some friends in the ward. great.

i wish i had some good stories to tell...i know i have some but they seem to be slipping my mind right now. soon.

Just remember life is good...even when its bad. =0) Keep working hard. Love more. Do your visiting teaching. Stay in school. Laugh a lot. Share the peace.

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